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In 2016, CODE41 made a sensational entrance into the hushed world of watchmaking by offering total transparency on origin and costs, shining a light on the Swiss Made label and by giving power to its community. This approach was seen by some as an anomaly in the Swiss watchmaking landscape. That's what gave us the idea to call our original collection ANOMALY.

After 4 years of existence and almost 15,000 pieces sold, it was time to give this emblematic collection, which signalled a long-lasting change in the world of watchmaking, a new lease of life.

Thanks to you, the creative ones, the curious and the bold who've enabled this Creator Edition to reach the top: 973 pieces sold in 30 days for a total of CHF 986'667. You are incredible, you are CODE41!

Pieces sold

Amount of
CHF 986'667

The story of
an emblematic collection

In 2016, CODE41 made a sensational entrance into the hushed world of watchmaking by offering total transparency on origin and costs, shining a light on the Swiss Made label and by giving power to its community. This approach was seen by some as an anomaly in the Swiss watchmaking landscape. That's what gave us the idea to call our original collection ANOMALY.

After 4 years of existence and almost 15,000 pieces sold, it was time to give this emblematic collection, which signalled a long-lasting change in the world of watchmaking, a new lease of life.

Pre-orders open on 28 April at 3pm (CET)

Discover and pre-order the ANOMALY EVOLUTION - Creator Edition from April 28 2021, 3pm (CET) to May 27 2021! Your one and only chance to become a Creator member of this emblematic project.


Waiting list Edition 2

Kicking yourself about missing out on pre-orders for the ANOMALY EVOLUTION? Sign up to the waiting list now and you'll be the first to know if a new edition sees the light of day.

Time remaining to preorder


Total pre-orders

CHF 4'753'098

Remaining pieces


Estimated delivery:
Fev-Mar 2022


Estimated delivery:
Mar-Apr 2022

the best of the original models

For this new version, we've combined the best of the two original models: the technical, distinctive, and recognizable design of the ANOMALY-01, the Swiss movement and date of the ANOMALY-02.

Technical information

MovementSellita SW200-1 Elaborated
DisplayHour, minute, second in center. Date at 7 o'clock
Nighttime displayLuminova-coated hands and indices
Water resistanceTo 100 meters. Individually tested in a pressurized chamber
Weight38mm version: 67 grams / 91 grams with leather strap
41.5mm version: 86 grams / 116 grams with leather strap
DimensionsDiameter: 38 or 41.5mm / Thickness: 11.2mm
Strap38mm version: Lug width 21mm / Simple tool-free assembly system
41.5mm version: Lug width 24mm / Simple tool-free assembly system

See all features

Co-created with the owners of the original models

The ANOMALY EVOLUTION has been created in close collaboration with the owners of versions 01 and 02. Some have been wearing their watch for over 3 years, so who better to decide what should be improved? We asked them for their opinion and they even took part in our work sessions. What joy! When we tell you that you're with us at the heart of the project, those aren't just empty words.

Meeting our members

As soon as the second ANOMALY EVOLUTION prototypes arrived at HQ, we hurried to show them to owners of the original collection. Beyond just their enthusiasm for the project, they instantly fell for the latest addition to the family. Taking the DNA and the best of the original models, with even better value for money: mission accomplished!

One size is good,
two sizes is better!

The technical and mechanical nature of the ANOMALY collection has delighted men since the very beginning, but recently we've also been receiving a lot of praise from women. Unfortunately, the 42mm diameter has been a major obstacle for them. Well, good news! So that this new edition can be suitable for any wrist size (men's or women's), it's available in 38 and 41.5mm versions.



A versatile

The ANOMALY EVOLUTION is made from high-quality 316L steel. In addition to the natural steel color, it's available in black, charcoal gray, and a very original blue-gray. These colors are applied to the steel base via a vacuum treatment called PVD or IP. It's a fine layer that's twice as tough as steel. The thicker it is, the better the resistance. That's why we've selected the maximum thickness of 1.2 micrometers.

So that everyone can find their joy, each model is offered with a wide range of interchangeable straps fitted with deployment clasps designed to match the color of the case.

41.5mm - Blue PVD

41.5mm - Anthracite PVD

41.5mm - Black PVD

41.5mm - Steel Blue/Green dial

41.5mm - Steel Black dial

41.5mm - Steel Silver dial

38mm - Blue PVD

38mm - Anthracite PVD

38mm - Black PVD

38mm - Steel Blue/Green dial

38mm - Steel Black dial

38mm - Steel Silver dial

Waiting list

If you've just jumped on the bandwagon and want to go behind the scenes with us, sign up to the waiting list. You'll enjoy full access to the whole collection and receive exclusive info about the next pre-orders!


Swiss mechanical

We've selected the Swiss mechanical movement Sellita SW200-1 for its great reliability. What's more, we've opted for the Elaborated version, which differs from the Standard version as follows:


Adjusted : In 2 positions
Precision : -12/+12 sec. per day
Shock absorber : Novodiac

(selected version)

Adjusted : In 3 positions
Precision : -7/+7 sec. per day
Shock absorber : Incabloc

How does a mechanical movement recharge itself?

So-called 'automatic' mechanical movements are fitted with an oscillating weight that recharges the watch through movements of the wrist (no battery required). By oscillating from left to right, the weight rewinds the mainspring, which stores the energy required for the mechanism to work.

Numbered Edition

In order to produce exceptional mechanical watches, we call on the best. These are local manufactures with unique expertise who perform the finishing touches by hand. That's why ANOMALY EVOLUTION watches are only produced in small, numbered series.

Creator Edition

CODE41 is more than a brand, it's a movement, human-powered watchmaking. The aim is to devise the creation of a watch as an extraordinary adventure in which everyone can play their part.

Here are your benefits for supporting the ANOMALY EVOLUTION project:

  • You become a Creator member of the project;
  • You receive a numbered piece engraved with 'CREATOR EDITION';
  • You enjoy a launch price that's much lower than the future price;
  • You enjoy other advantages in future projects.

Total transparency

With our TTO label (Total Transparency on Origin), we put transparency at the heart of our approach. We clearly explain the production costs and the mark-ups required to make a project profitable, so that we can concentrate on what we're really passionate about: creating high-quality mechanical watches with our members.

Costs and origin

Component / ProcessCost inc taxesOrigin
Movement100 $Swiss
Stainless steel case, transparent back80 $China
Dial39 $China
Leather strap, deployment clasp? USDItaly/China
Assembly29 $Swiss
Packaging22 $China
Logistic44 $Swiss
Design & developement28 $Swiss
Total production costs379 $
Price from1'205 $

The birth of an ANOMALY EVOLUTION as if you were there

We are committed to offering our community high-quality mechanical watches. That's why we only select partners who are the best in their field to accomplish our projects. Discover here how an ANOMALY EVOLUTION comes to life as it's assembled by hand!

Unbeatable magic and value for money

Direct distribution, minimal mark-ups and transparency on costs; these are some of the criteria that enable us to offer our watches at a price that the competition just can't match.

Direct Distribution
Minimal markups required for profitability
~900 $
Transparence on costs
~900 $
Traditional Distribution
High markups luxury market positionning
Traditional Watchmaking
~2'000 $
Hidden costs
Traditional Watchmaking
~2'000 $

The retail price is not the result of market positioning, but rather a direct reflection of the costs of production.

No risk, just pure joy

Cancellation free of charge

As long as your order has not yet been dispatched, you can cancel it for free at any time. 

30-day free-return policy

If you're not entirely satisfied with your watch, you have 30 days from receipt of delivery to return it for free, unused and in its original packaging.

2-year guarantee

In the event of a technical issue, your watch will be collected and repaired at our expense and as soon as possible.

Frequently asked questions

What are the conditions of cancellation and return?

As long as your order has not yet been dispatched, you can cancel or modify your choice of strap free of charge, while stocks last. From the date of delivery, you have 30 days to send if back free, unused and in its original packaging, to enjoy a full refund.

Do I need to pay import duties when I receive my watch?

No. We've implemented a system in our cart which allows your country's respective import taxes and VAT to be calculated and paid. So you won't have to pay anything when you receive your watch.

Why is there no Swiss Made label on CODE41 watches?

For a watch to be Swiss Made, at least 60% of its value must come from Switzerland, its movement must be Swiss, and it must be assembled in Switzerland. That means that a Swiss Made watch can be of great quality while consisting of components that largely come from other countries.

To ensure more clarity, we've opted for total transparency and chosen both Swiss and foreign components for their distinctive nature and their high value for money, and not to meet the criteria of a label that only leads to confusion. That's why, while the majority of our models comfortably meet the criteria, we've decided not to put the Swiss Made label on any of our watches.

How does the CODE41 pre-order system work?

In order to avoid excess stock, the gray market and waste, we've opted for a system based on pre-orders. It seemed more logical to only produce the quantities that we have pre-sold. So once or twice a year, we launch pre-orders for a new edition for a duration of 2 to 4 weeks. Delivery generally takes place 9 months later. While you wait, we allow you to experience the birth of your watch with a lot of videos and photos. 

How are the quantities decided for each edition?

For each collection, we define the quantity per batch in accordance with the monthly production capacity of our suppliers. In the case of the ANOMALY EVOLUTION, it will be 800 pieces per month. 

During pre-sales, once the first batch is sold out, a new batch is opened up with a delivery date a month later than the previous. For each edition, we only produce a maximum of 3 or 4 batches.

How long does the guarantee last and how does it work?

ANOMALY EVOLUTION watches are guaranteed for 2 years from the date of delivery. In the event of a technical issue, all you need to do is contact us and we'll arrange the collection and redelivery of your product, as well as its repair.

Are the straps compatible with all CODE41 watches?

The 38mm ANOMALY EVOLUTION watches have a lug width of 21mm, meaning the straps are compatible with the 37 and 40mm DAY41 models. The 41.5mm ANOMALY EVOLUTION watches, on the other hand, have a lug width of 24mm and are compatible with the ANOMALY-01 and 02, X41 and NB24.

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  1. Jaehan says:

    Hi! Im from korea, and I love microbrand watches. So I searched about it, and finally found your brand on internet. I love this ANOMALY Evolution, cause of its beautiful design and movement accuracy(+7, -7). What I wanna ask is, I am wondering about this watch’s approximate price. It would be helpful if you tell me approximate price, so that I can consider this watch’s purchase next time.

    • Boolakee Osman
      Boolakee Osman says:

      Hi Jaehan,

      Thank you for your enthusiasm and interest in our brand and upcoming new editoin of the ANOMALY EVOLUTION !

      The price si not set up for now but will be between 1100 and 1500CHF 🙂

      Our Community Care Team stay at your disposal for any further information you may need.

      Kindest regards !

  2. says:


    Toujours impatient de la recevoir et avec une question sur le bracelet : Y a t-il plusieurs longueurs de bracelet, je ne me rappelle pas avoir fait un choix à ce niveau la ?


    • Boolakee Osman
      Boolakee Osman says:

      Bonjour 🙂

      Nous avons en effet deux tailles de bracelet en fonction de la taille de l’entre-corne : S ou M pour la taille 21mm et M ou L pour la taille de 24mm. Par contre, nous ne faisons pas de différence sur les bracelets R41 car ils sont facilement ajustables et vous pouvez aisément couper l’excédent.

      Notre équipe Community Care est à votre disposition en cas de question, n’hésitez pas à faire appel à leur expertise 😊

  3. TCL says:

    Hi there,

    Does the watch required servicing? And how long it is due for servicing? Do you have shops at Singapore? Please advise. Thank you

    • Boolakee Osman
      Boolakee Osman says:

      Hi !

      All watches require a servicing, depending on your model, it might be after 3 or 5 years 🙂

      We do not have any shops in Singapore as our system of distribution only take place online, on our website during the pre-orders period.

      For now, only our NB24 is on preorders until the 16th of December. We also have some ANOMALY 01 and ANOMALY 02 in stock.

      If you need any further information, do not hesitate to contact us directly 🙂 we will be happy to help !

    • Kasim
      Kasim says:

      Vielen Dank für Ihr Interesse! Dazu gibt es leider noch keine Informationen, Sie können sich aber in die Anomaly Evolution Warteliste anmelden um rechtzeitig informiert zu werden wenn es eine neue Edition solcher Uhren gibt.

  4. Marmy Joël says:

    Oups. Erreur de synchro. Je n’avais pas reçu votre réponse. C’est chose faite. Merci.
    Quand même intéressé je vais suivre ça de près ??

  5. Danilo says:

    Buongiorno, è purtroppo la prima volta che vedo questo splendido ed originale orologio. È possibile vederlo dal vivo e provarlo al polso in un rivenditore a Lugano o dintorni?

  6. Joël Marmy says:

    Nous étions en contact il y a un peu, par rapport à l’achat éventuel d’un modèle Date 41.
    Le modèle Anomaly Evolution m’intéresse mieux.
    J’avais droit également un bon suite à l’achat avec Qoqa.
    À quel montant peut se situer une Anomalie Evolution, comme par exemple le modèle écran noir avec les petites marques rouges, sans bracelet, taille 41 mm.
    Cordiales salutations. Merci pour votre retour.
    Joël Marmy

    • Boolakee Osman
      Osman says:

      Bonjour Joël,

      Merci de votre intérêt pour notre marque et notre ANOMALY EVOLUTION ?

      Malheureusement, comme mentionné dans nos échanges d’emails, les bons pour un pré-embarquement de l’ANOMALY EVOLUTION ne font pas partis de l’offre conclue avec Qoqa ? Vous pouvez par contre volontiers bénéficier d’un bon pour les cartes de prée-embarquement de la DAY41, NB24 et X41.

      les prix pour une ANOMALY EVOLUTION devraient se situer entre 1100 et 1500CHF en fonction des modèles. Mais rien n’est encore déterminé, les précommandes n’ayant lieu qu’au premier trimestre 2022. Il n’est par ailleurs pour le moment pas possible de n’acheter que la tête de montre; le bracelet est vendu avec 🙂

      Nous restons à votre disposition pour toute question et vous souhaitons une belle journée !

  7. Massimiliano says:

    Bellissimi , finalmente orologi diversi , complimenti !! Mi piacerebbe acquistarne uno , ma sono anche indeciso sulla misura…38 o 41,5 . Sarebbe bello provarli al polso … avete rivenditori a Bologna. ? Grazie

    • Boolakee Osman
      Osman says:

      Salve Massimiliano!

      Grazie per le tue gentili parole! Siamo felici di leggere che apprezzi i nostri sforzi per lo sviluppo di questo orologio ?

      Attualmente stiamo lavorando all’espansione della nostra rete di boutique che espongono i nostri orologi, ma non abbiamo nessuna boutique a Bologna per ora ?

      Se può aiutare, avrete comunque un diritto di restituzione di 30 giorni dalla data di consegna.

      Non esitate se avete qualsiasi altra domanda!

  8. Sola Eric says:

    Bonjour, je suis très impatient de savoir quand il sera possible de passer une commande. Dans l’attente de vous lire, a très vite. Cordialement. Eric Sola.

    • Boolakee Osman
      Osman says:

      Bonjour Eric !

      Nous sommes également très impatient à l’idée d’ouvrir ces nouvelles précommandes pour l’édition 2 de notre ANOMALY EVOLUTION ! Elles devrait avoir lieu dans le courant du premier trimestre 2022 ?

      Pour rester informé des dernières actualités liées à ce modèle, assurez-vous d’être inscrit sur notre liste d’attente :

      Quel modèle vous fait craquer ? ?

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